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TBI One Love Survivor Danelle Mendoza

Hello, my name is Danelle.

I had been a marathon runner whose passion for being active was extreme. I had always obtained a 4.0 in high school and college without much effort. I had a very logical personality and strove for excellency as a mother and in my career as a medical coder.

I was in a serious, car accident caused by an irregular lump on the road. My tire hit the bump then I was sent flying 200 ft. through the air then I landed upside down in a ravine. I had to be extracted from my car and was flown to the nearest hospital where I entered and remained if a coma for 10 wks.

I lost memory of the previous 3 years of my life which included me dealing with verbal abuse then consequent divorce from my military PTSD affected husband. Also the memory of attending the Coding classes and obtaining the certificate.

Being a "flexor" through my coma surgery to correct the tendon in the back of my leg which had shortened was required for my foot to obtain the flat position. Two years and 4 months after my accident I was finally able to walk without assistance.

I lost my children, my career, my almost brilliant mind and my passion to run in moment.

I gained insight to life, a knowledge of the after life and a humility as I continue through life.

Would I trade this? No. I understand that I am now where I was meant to be in my life and can use the knowledge that I gained as a guide as I continue through life.

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