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TBI One Love Survivor Danny Lloyd

Hello, my name is Danny Lloyd. I suffered a cerebellar hemorrhage on New Year's Day of 2013, when I was at the age of 39 as a direct result of catastrophic anti phospholipid syndrome.

This is an extremely rare version of APS (Hughes Syndrome or sticky blood), which I was diagnosed with aged 22 after a long stay in hospital with numerous strange symptoms.

Soon after I developed kidney & adrenal hemorrhages then acquired a Brain infection, vermiculites & hydrocephalus.

I was an inpatient for 4 months and then brain injury rehab for a further 2. I see myself as fortunate, I survived for 1, I am relatively unscathed cognitively however my main issues are lack of balance, coordination and I suffer fatigue. I now have Addison's disease due to the adrenal damage and the APS remains.

These issues are managed daily in a sort of balancing act. I've fought to regain as much of my strength & fitness as I can and to be honest I'm getting on with my life, which is generally good.

TBI One Love, thank you for allowing me to join this helpful Family and help inform others about brain injury & its impact on not only the person but everyone around them even though, I was ignorant to it prior!

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