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TBI One Love Survivor David Marks

Hello, my name is Sharon Marks, my husband is David. A long story short In October 2011 David was riding his motorcycle back from Donnington Park racetrack when he slipped on oil at 23mph and by the time he hit a lamp post was speeded up to 70 mph. He broke 18 bones, died twice, was in a coma for just short of a month and spent six months in hospital.

"When my accident happened, East Midland ambulance services were first on the scene.  They arrived by helicopter and shortly afterwards were joined by road ambulance.  I was a real mess but the people who helped me took it all in their stride with a kind of calmness.  They had to make a critical decision very quickly.  Use the helicopter to take me to hospital, which takes about three minutes or the road ambulance which takes about twenty minutes; the decision of road was chosen.  Good job really as I suffered cardiac arrest twice on the way to Nottingham emergency room and there was not enough room to work on me in the helicopter."

"I was in hospital in a coma for just short of a month and then moved from Nottingham to Derby where I spent another month in the respiratory ward and then a further four months in the rehabilitation ward, which is a total of six months in hospital before continuing my rehabilitation as an outpatient."

For some reason, "I thought that when I left hospital everything would be the way it was before and all the issues that I had would be fixed, only because there is only one way up from death and so you tend to progress quite quickly in the first six to twelve months and then the progress becomes a little slower." 

The five main problems caused by my TBI are:

1)    Balance and walking

2)    Talking

3)    Sensory loss and pins and needles all the time on my left side plus my right hand

4)    Double vision and weakness on my right side

5)    Hearing impairment in my left ear

These things were caused by the accident and none of them have returned to normal.

"I spent one and a half years in a wheelchair. I had four years of physiotherapy, hydro therapy, speech and language plus occupational therapy and was discharged in December 2015." 

To date, "I am seeing a neuropsychologist to help me accept the change in my life as I have gone from hero to zero in less than 24 hours and woke up from a coma aged 39 but in a body of an 80-year-old."

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