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TBI One Love Survivor De'Jae Greene

Hello, my name is De'Jae.

While driving to a wedding to photograph it, my car's tire went flat and caused me to hydroplane. It was raining and an abruptly tree stopped my car. October 3, 2015 was the day this accident changed my life. The ambulance and homicide unit were called. I was covered in my own blood, knocked out and sustained multiple punctures in my body. There was no one else in my vehicle.

 The most important organ in my body was damaged. My brain. With no seatbelt on and texting, I set myself up for a horrible day. Thankfully there was no passenger as that entire side of the car was crushed. The air bags kept me from causing more damage than I could survive.

God protected me and brought me through. I was in a coma for 4 weeks. I went to three hospitals. My car was totaled. The other photographers with me were shocked and wanted to help. My family was alerted and shocked. They all met the ambulance at the hospital and waited impatiently for news. I had great Doctors at TMH, Select Specialty and most importantly Shepherd Hospital in Atlanta, GA. My only broken bones were a small 1/2-inch size puncture to my scalp and my top two molar teeth. I developed 2 blood clots.

I am Blessed to be here today to share with everyone my story. I gained soooooooo much from this ordeal. New Friends. Learned how to cook from scratch. Learned to be happy as I struggle and try to better myself. My father and mother were a great help through this entire path. My boyfriend has remained my rock and shoulder to lean on when I get weak.

Thank you all so much!

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