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TBI One Love Survivor Debbie Goodrich

Hello, my name is Debbie Goodrich. When I was 7 yrs., just after school got out my father and I went to the hills to get post and polls (his job). Once up there I was sitting on his lap steering the truck with his help, while my dad sat me in my own seat.

He started talking to me telling me when we get back to town, he will buy me a hamburger. When he looked back at the road it was too late, and we went off a cliff!

 I did not have my seat belt on and went out the window, hitting my head on a rock or something that I landed on. My dad found me, but his hands were split open. He carried me for a mile, and I was not responding since I was in a Coma.

 Some people end up stopping, and gave us a ride to Grangeville Idaho hospital. This is where I remained in a Coma. The next step is that, we were flown to Spokane's Sacred heart after meeting my mom and younger sister at the Grangeville Hospital.

 I was in a coma for six weeks. I had to relearn to walk and to talk over again! Even though I had many yrs. of therapy, 29 yrs. later after I sustained my TBI I am still partly paralyzed on my left side.

I was given the opportunity to receive Botox, which helped me relieve the spasticity after having 13 surgeries.

Even though these life changes, I am happy to say that I have my dream job for the past 5 years, which is working at a local elementary school with children. I've had this dream since 4th grade.  

Thank you for letting me join this family and share my story! Never give up!

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