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TBI One Love Survivor Donna Paquette

Hello, my name is Donna.

My Journey -with Life-saving courage

Present from the heart

In 1974 I had severe Migraines, In 1980 I was in car Accident then 1989 I fell from ceiling fixing a curtain fell 6 feet Landed on back of my head , I broke my collarbone, elbow and wrist. In 2005 I went to ER In an Ambulance My brain was swelling Blood was coming out of my Nose my brain was swelling i had several strokes the scans showed a extremely large Mass tumor it was growing for years it was under white Matter a very deep tumor they told my family they will have to remove the skull Bone 8 hour surgery with Strokes and i may never survive. After six weeks in intensive care I had to go to the rehab in relearn everything all over again walk talk brush my teeth everything ,

I have a titanium plate in my head ,The Tumor that i had was Intraventricular a deep tumor a very Large tumor and the one on my brainstem is a Intraventricular they are especially significant because they often obstruct the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. When the flow of cerebrospinal fluid is blocked, it is a condition known as obstructive hydrocephalus, the volume of fluid in the ventricle increases, placing pressure on surrounding brain tissue and leading to headache, nausea, visual disturbances and death. I was in a coma .The brain stem tumor i have now is the same name it is now in my brain stem, 5 brain Injuries, 3 tumors, My Tumors made it a Traumatic Brain Injuries, Thymus Tumor Cancer Vision Impaired in both eyes with blindness, Hearing Impaired in both ears with deafness, I have Damage to the central Nervous system, I had 31 days of Radiation treatments 5 Days a week,

I will always have a brain stem tumor as they could not shrink the tumor I have a positive mind set.

I've learned to appreciate my struggles in life because I believe there's something beautiful in a struggle. If I didn't have challenges in life I might never have learned to appreciate the small things in life,there's beauty in struggle because at that point where we feel weak and helpless some inner part of us that we never knew we had emerges from the depths of our soul and pushes us to grow hat is what i learned in life, i believe with inner strength and to keep moving and to believe in me !


Strength, love and Courage 

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