• Survivor or Caregiver

TBI One Love Survivor Douglas Ritz

Hello, my name is Douglas.

On February 4th in 2012 while I was driving,  my car slipped in black ice causing it to end up rolling 3 times and when it stopped it landed straight up on my trunk, which split the back of my head open badly to where you could see and touch my brain. From this accident I also broke my left shoulder and the next step was that I was put in a medical induced coma for a little over a month.

After I woke up from the coma, I spent the next two years in a nursing home, for the way the doctors said/told that I was either going to be dead and if not extremely paralyzed since there was no hope in recovery, but that was not the outcome because over 4 years later. As of right now, I not only own a brand new car, but also I have a grate apartment and most importantly I am proud to still be alive because each day I wake up is another day the doctors are proven wrong! 

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