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TBI One Love Survivor Dr. Ryan Fisher

Hello, my name is Ryan Fisher. 

I experienced TBI’s and concussions through contact sports.  When growing up I participated in and loved contact sports. I started playing lacrosse in middle school, and continued playing on varsity teams in high school and college. I enjoyed the physicality of the sport and the big hits. Unfortunately, when I tackled players, I led with my head a lot.

Throughout my years of play I sustained approximately 6 severe concussions, with approximately 7 lighter concussions. Little did I know this would eventually come back to haunt me later in life. As a student athlete in college, I was extremely motivated to excel on the field and more importantly in the classroom. Despite being diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder/CAPD, I learned compensatory study skills to maintain my g.p.a. and scholarships.

After I graduated with a degree in Biology, I began taking classes at a community college and working so I could apply to graduate school. About a year after graduation, I began to feel different; I became anxious extremely easily. I had a much harder time focusing, my motivation and drive to accomplish things declined, I fought with my parents a lot.

I became impulsive instead of consistent, and I started to prefer isolation rather than be around friends; all these things made it extremely hard to achieve my goals in life. I was not sure how to fix it, I was not happy and enjoying life. Despite my struggles, I knew I wanted to help people, become a doctor and work with my hands. Growing up with a father as a chiropractor, I naturally gravitated towards the profession, as my Dad was able to help me overcome countless injuries from sports growing up. I applied to chiropractic school and was accepted 2 months later.

Having a new purpose and goal was a huge step towards improving my life, but I was still plagued by multiple symptoms. This changed forever when I was in my second term at chiropractic school, and one of my professors showed us an ABC News report covering a story on Dr. Frederick Carrick. Dr. Carrick was a chiropractor specializing in a ground-breaking treatment called Functional Neurology.

In the report video, Dr. Carrick used specific exercises and stimuli to activate and train certain areas of the brain that were under functioning due to damage from trauma. In one case, Dr. Carrick he was able to help a high school hockey player regain the function of one of his arms and cured his extreme visual sensitivity to light, improving his quality of life.

I was thrilled and walked out of that class amazed at how such a profound and miraculous profession could exist, let alone in the chiropractic profession! I found an upper classman working in the student clinic specializing in functional neurology, and was examined and treated by her. Within days of being treated, I immediately began to feel the anxiety begin to subside. My focus improved, I was more comfortable in social situations and looked forward to big social events.

I was able to stay disciplined and consistent with my time management, the foggy feeling in my head I had grown accustomed to, began to dissipate. My grades improved dramatically, and I looked forward to what the future held for me. For the first time in years, I felt fulfilled and happy.

I am now completing my final board exams for my chiropractic license, working towards my diplomate in functional neurology, and am about to begin working for one of the top functional neurologists in Florida.

My mission in life is to help people suffering from debilitating neurological disorders through drug-free therapy in order to not only give them their lives back, but allow them to thrive, just as this profession has allowed me to do.

Thank you, for letting me join this helpful Family!

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