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TBI One Love Survivor Dr. Stuart Silberman

Hello, my name is Stuart Silberman. I will never forget when my life immediately changed on,July 22 of 2007!

What took place is, I was stopped in traffic at a red light (about fourth in line) and was rear ended. The ultimate result of this was left frontal and left temporal lobe brain damage!

 At the time, I had completed everything for my doctorate degree and licensure other than passing the national board exam which was already scheduled for September 2007. And I was working for the Colorado Department of Corrections. But, the accident essentially destroyed that part of my career as I could no longer function how I once did. I went five years looking for help in any direction anyone said could help!

 Ultimately nothing got me on my feet again and got my functioning back. In 2012, I left Colorado and returned to Oregon. Shortly after returning I found EEG Neurofeedback which is a non-invasive, drug free method of helping the brain to self-regulate!

So, this was the only thing to get me functioning again and to get my life back. And I am proud to say that now, I  specialize in Othmer method EEG Neurofeedback in my own private practice with head injury, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and sleep disorder clients!

Thank you for letting me join this helpful family, If you have any questions or guidance please do not avoid contacting me at:

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