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TBI One Love Survivor Eddie Valdez

Hello, my name is Eddie.

This story like many starts many moons ago.... I am now 37 and I have managed to outlive the doctor’s diagnosis.... This one will pretty much just be a basic yet long rundown... August 1, 1994 were my first three deaths. Almost a week in a coma and even had to learn who the family was. It was here that I started to be told I was informed my name was Eddie and I had been n a car accident. At that point I went back to sleep. When I regained I saw a face I thought I knew. It was my idol I think. This man sat with me thought me who the President was at that time as well as the date, my name, my whole everything. Scared me to no end!

The man who sat there was my grandpa. Was one of the best people to have helped as well as to hurt! Never knew the outcome of what would be. All info was learned enough to be released after a week or so of consciousness so we went home. The whole way home from Albuquerque I was trying to wrap my head around so much...I was 15 at the time and was told any hit no matter how minor would probably kill me once again. Not only was it odd meeting people that were family.

Talk about a loop to jump all while healing and still at the important stage of mental development. Roswell was a long long drive with many thoughts running rampid. Needless to say my Grandfather was a purple hearted marine. So the empathy for being stuck like that, I was tot how to get out and safe since the hospital was ran by "Charlie".

Needless to say the follow up visits were too far away and mom couldn't afford it

AUGUST OF 1994 I WAS GIVEN DECADE OF TIME or the story of any minor head injury would end my life. Well you can't tell clumsy kids to be careful so constantly. Kind of makes us go little harder. It wasn't until I was in my 30s that we finally learned what TBI was. 20 years after what they thought was my first TBI.

Just so happens that when I was 3 I rolled my first car while my aunt was driving.

Well lo and behold once I had beaten the odds of survival and spent my years relearning how to be a person again not only that but had to relearn EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.

worst part I would have to say is everyone telling me " u remember u got to..."

Anyway people shy away from what they don't understand. Nobody understood me, therefore I was secluded a bit. Could never control impulse could never deal with temperature changes and my emotions were all over the place. Need less to say I was often placed in in school suspension and even then was scary to other ideas of securing me went a little further. Can u imagine a janitor closet as the learning room?

Needless to say I'm late 30s and I have managed to learn myself. I lost all family all friends. All of me!

Just so we could feel safer in our environment. So glad the family let me out just to live n a closet lived a life people should not have to only due to the fact I was intimidated my elders.

Now I am considered a high functioning TBI.

With a mere 33 documented and 8/times I've met with our maker, I am still here, single happy dad with two degrees’ at NMSU. Do not believe in others first. You must believe in your self first! May only be a minor note here but it was an adventure to get here... Was meant to inform but yet many points missed...

Moral is though.  Don't ever stop don't ever give up don't ever let anyone tell u that ur not worth it .... cuz we all are Worth something.

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