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TBI One Love Survivor Emily Allred

Hello, my name is Emily Alfred. I would love to share my story on how my life changed in a second when I was 17 years old in 2003 when I sustained my first head injury.

One day, I was riding my bike and I decided to be crossing a very busy city street, but unfortunately I was hit by a truck!

From the impact, I got a skull fracture, sustained a major head injury and lost my sense of smell!

After a long time of fighting against the possibilities of not being able to do things, I still tried my hardest and was granted the permission to still able to drive, and work after that!

Then, ten years later when I was 27 back in 2013, I had just bought a new car and while driving it home, I was swiped by another vehicle and my car did multiple flips, which totaled the car and I got a pretty gnarly concussion from that to add more to my head injury!

So, as having multiple head injuries, I started to have seizures, which made it rather difficult to work or drive.

I've stayed busy by helping family or friends with random things. I really like to read, write, and be artistic. I believe the power of the mind to be quite remarkable!

Our ability to own it's power and make good use of it to bring about lovely life experience is certainly a reasonable thing to aim for is what I've come to find.

I actually wrote a book about this and it's called Learn to Live a Life You Love. The first part is a story that's a poem, about a young girl and her journey to finding a way to happiness. The latter part is pages that can be colored and they are of happy affirmations, and healthy life living tips. With healthy thoughts, and healthy actions, we can bring about true lovely life satisfactions

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family of great information that can be of great use to anyone, and the stories that we can all share with this site are fantastic!

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