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TBI One Love Survivor Emily Annis

Hello Everyone, my name is Emily.

March is Brain Injury month, so I am sharing this year!

I’m 37, I was 28 at the time and I live in Maine, USA.

I suffered a massive stroke that was fatal. A pontoon bleed in the Brian stem, which No one survives according to what I have heard from many Dr.'s & different forms of reading material.

It is the most fatal stroke there can be. Brain stem to the body is like mother board on a computer. It is the only place that Dr.'s cannot operate!

I was flown to EMMC, I was in Dover-Foxcroft!! Had to fly to EMMC because of medical reasons they did not want me to fly any longer.

It is 8 minuets closing of the doors. I died twice in 8 minute!

I had to go under induced comas. I was Paralyzed neck down, my carnival nerves 1 - 10 are damaged, on the left side of my face, 8 & 9 I suffer a lot from issues in eye.  My carnival 5 is beyond repair, so my jaw is paralyzed, Right side body, your nerve turns in the back of your head. So, it is left side face. Regenerating nerves on the right side of my body. It can be Very Hurtful. I do now have left side of body, which has taken a lot of determination. Strength and Courage!

I can’t find anyone like me. Not even close....  On the internet, I found a survivor of a pontoon. 120 days on a vent. Didn’t make it.  That is the longest I have found. I am the only One that has survived such Trauma to a body!! I experienced a lot of loss. Going to a WHEELCHAIR killed me.

I was robbed of so many things. Walking one minute and then not even 5 minutes later I was paralyzed. All over!!

I couldn’t talk or Tell Anyone I was there in my body!! My family Have BEEN rocks for me...  So, lucky to have them strong to Help Me Keep Forward!! Ethan my brother was the communicator, always knew what I was saying!!

Some days are harder than others!! But, you can win battles.... Some battles you lose but when you do fall, get up brush yourself off & get up!!!

Get up & continue to fight. Don’t stop some Days are Very hard. But doesn’t mean to Let IT Win!! I do So much to help myself. Essential Oils I NEVER could live without. I have found many things that help me #doterra is one. I was robbed of so MANY things.... 

Goes through my mind at least several times a week. My Life is Good!! But yes, IT Changed my Life Forever Always Hope Keep Faith AND Believe!! That is my moto!! I am interested in becoming friends with other survivors TBI!!

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family! You guys are amazing!

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