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TBI One Love Survivor Emily Smith

Hello, my name is Emily Smith from Canada.

I was in a car accident in 2016 where I collided into another car on the highway at 90km/hr and I was knocked out cold by three airbags ...

Luckily, thanks to God plan , I was woken up thanks to a bystander who was frantically banging on my window to wake me because the fuel line severed on the passenger side of my vehicle and my car was engulfed with flames ...

I was pulled out of my car half conscious and pulled metres from the car they thought was going to blow up . I was then taken to hospital where I was labeled as “fine”.

I was then put on a wait list in Canada for brain injury services but I fell through the cracks and they lost my initial reference and I waited two years for full services . By that time my injury was permanent. But, then came to find out a year later I had sustained a major brain injury, a cracked skull with four haemorrhages, which had scarred by the time of mri imaging!

I also had a cracked spine, broken jaw, major whiplash, severely injured my is joint and my hip and shoulder.

All of which I worked through as a child psychologist, I returned right back to work and kept working through until I thought I was going crazy .

I started my own foundation: TBI Worldwide to help end the silence, educate others and make a positive long term difference. To learn more, find us on Social Media.

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