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TBI One Love Survivor Ernesto Crespo

Hello my name is Ernesto.

On June 3 2011 I awoke at Vcu MCV hospital after having been airlifted for my 2000 Nissan frontier flipping over after a tire blew out and unable to control the vehicles direction of travel .NO seat belt ,and was slammed in the head by a havoc window unit which was in my back seat slammed into my head and I was bounced around like a pinball and also broke my left arm .Started over like a 6 month old baby, amnesia and Lost all independence and possessions yet with 18 months of hard rehabilitation and physical therapy and family/friend support I am 80% of my former self.

SOME SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS and right side coordination issues, tremors some parkinsonism like effects. We all fall, but we get get back up.


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