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TBI One Love Survivor Evelyn Justiniano

Hello, my name is Evelyn Justiniano. My life changed, when I sustained my TBI during 1995.

 I was accepted into nursing school, not knowing that my life was going to change and instead for the better it was changed for the worse! I had a car accident, which I sustained a Mild to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. I was diagnosed to have the mentality of a twelve-year-old. I knew deep in my heart something wasn't right. I was 28 had three children and a husband who couldn't comprehend the battles I had ahead of me.

 As my husband and I were told that my progress was in imminent danger and I had reached to the level I was in with no expectancy of progressing much further. However, my heart spoke to me and my FAITH was bigger than my circumstances, but I knew something was just not right. Along with all the physical, mental, cognitive, occupational, and speech therapy I decided to pick up books and read.

Being that I was told and it was speculated that I wasn't going to enter society as a whole and complete person. Then to add on to my situation I had to have spinal surgery which by mistake my aorta was cut in half... Yes, cut in half during surgery and thank God, I survived surgery as well!

 I had to relearn all the basic things we take in life for granted. While living in rehab away from my family during therapy I seen someone painting in oils I recall confidently saying to the therapist "I can do that!" And they responded, "you can do that.”, which never ever before in my life I could draw and never mind paint!

 So, they gave me a canvas, a paint brush, and some paint and unbeknown to me I painted my first landscape. Doctor then told me that my brain compensated and I began to paint landscapes, people, abstracts and so on... Within time I started exhibiting and selling my paintings in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York.

However, my dream of being part of the Medical Field never left my heart! I returned to school to Pursue a degree in rehabilitation art therapy being that I acquired this new God given talent. Then I moved to Florida in early 2000's and returned to college and graduated in 2011 with an Associate degree in Art!

I still wanted to become a Nurse so, once again I returned to school and in 2014 I graduated with my LPN degree and the day before my pinning I had passed my boards, so I walked into pinning as an official nurse with a license! In 2016, I return to school once again to get my RN degree which in four weeks I shall be graduating once again.

Point being, I want NO ONE to ever give up on your hopes and dreams! The only one who can stop YOUR success is YOU! If you can dream it, you can definitely believe it!

Thank you, for letting me join this helpful Family! If need help with anything, please contact me at:

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