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TBI One Love Survivor George Mcbobson

Hello, my name is Stephanie and my nickname is George,

I had my worst accident on October 1st in 2015, resulting with shattering my skull and broke my hip, neck and was in a coma for three weeks. I didn't start remembering that I was alive until a few weeks after I was out of the coma, I was in the ICU for three weeks.

I was in the regular hospital room for a week then health south for a month, did outpatient speech therapy for 5 months and occupational therapy for a month.

Prior to this last one I've had 3 other serious car accidents two with just a brain injury and my first one I had a TBI too! I have been thru the war, so to speak probably shouldn't drive ever again because this last wreck was the day I got my licenses back for a wreck!

My message of hope is that other than occasionally forgetting a word when speaking (numbers are the worst) , get left and right confused occasionally and have the memory span of a goldfish those are my only cognitive deficiencies...the fact that I can speak as well as I do and can identify my cognitive deficiencies should give hope for those recovering.

I hope this opportunity of sharing my story will be a helpful message out there for others by making mess into a message and a testimony out of my test!

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