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TBI One Love Survivor Greg Krawzik

Hello, my name is Mrs. Jessica Krawzik. My Husband Greg, sustained his TBI on September 18th of 2016 my husband and I took his new motorcycle out to buy me a helmet. I used his. Not finding one, we drove home.

About a mile from home, a car pulled too far out and we slid on gravel and had a horrible accident. My husband almost died several times from a Traumatic Brain Injury with subdural and epidural bleeds, cerebral edema, skull fractures causing facial paralysis, an ear canal fracture, several rib fractures, fractures throughout his body, and other body trauma - he has since survived and has almost fully recovered after eight months but it's still a long road. He will have ear surgery soon.

It has changed our life. I ended up losing my job as a Nurse at a Prominent Hospital in Cincinnati, just because I was caring for him, driving him to Dr's appointments and also rehab therapy!

It's been a roller coaster, but he has come so far. I plan to take this trauma and turn it into our victory!

 I have just recently, started a Facebook page called: TBI Wives that is a place for Wives with Husband's who have sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries to find support, hope, and strength to maintain their Marriage, Family, and sense of self. Although there are some dark days, you are not alone! We can get through this together! please click on the picture below to visit our page!

 I plan to run for Mrs. Kentucky and spread TBI awareness throughout the communities. TBI's can change things but if we stay committed to love, and to be loved, it can only may us stronger!

Thank you for letting us join this helpful Family!

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