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TBI One Love Survivor Harrison Shears

Hello, my name is Samantha Parde, On December 06, 2015 is when our home Family and life changed because at the age of 5, Harrison was on vacation with his mom, dad, and older sister in San Diego, CA. 

They were attending a military Christmas party where he fell off a bounce house slide, approximately 10ft high, head first on to concrete!

His dad tried to catch him, but was unsuccessful and his sister watched as this happened in front of her.  Harrison was rushed to Rady's Children's Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and swelling on the left side of his brain.  He was in a medical coma for almost two weeks to allow for healing.

He had a 5 week stay between the PICU and rehab and over 300 miles from home, which was a struggle of its own! His mom and dad stayed with him for the entire 5 weeks, but his sister had to return home for school. During his initial surgery, the doctor removed part of Harrison's skull, which was replaced in February of 2016. 

In August of 2016 Harrison began to have resorption of the bone.  The doctors were able to fix the bone flap with a split bone graft from the opposite side of his skull, which has done its job thus far. Harrison's biggest issues now are speech, memory, and cognition.

Thank you for letting us join this helpful Family, look forward to learning more! 

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