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TBI One Love Survivor Heather Wendy

Hello, my name is Heather Wendy. On July 4th of1992 my Family and my life changed forever.

During a Family trip with my four children and Husband while in a van going camping to the Haida Gwaii, my husband made a terrible mistake that resulted in our van rolling down a mountainside between ten and twenty times before just about landing in a river! The van, stopped upside down, I had fallen out a window and been smashed on the rocks on the way down.

I ALWAYS wear a seat belt, but if a child cried out I may have undone it to go to him or her without thinking of anything taking place after.

A week later I was stable enough to air ambulance to Vancouver (nearest city with good care) and had not yet recognized my own kids, but could speak a little. I checked myself out of hospital against Doctors' orders because I was sure they were giving me drugs because I was so confused.

I tried to complete my teacher training practicum eight weeks later, but I was still a mess so I dropped out after two months.

It took several years and four operations before, I graduated and then I had to go back to school to become a Special Education teacher because I could not cope in the regular classroom.

After seven years, I had taught myself to read and kept working as a teacher for twenty years and now after 25 years I finally realize that I cannot keep going the way that I have been!

So I am trying to figure out what to do?! I would love to gain some helpful information from other Survivors in our Family!

Thank you TBI One Love, for letting me join your helpful Family to learn, team up with and get some inspirational guidance!

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