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TBI One Love Survivor Heather Will

Hello, my name is Heather Will. My life changed when I was 17 out on a date with my Boyfriend: Isaac (boyfriend at the time) at the time during July 2nd in 2009.

While we were on the way he lost control of his truck (we we're on a gravel road), and my head hit the ONLY tree on the road!

 I was life-flighted to the Deaconess Hospital, and during my recovery they placed me in a total of: 5 different hospitals.

Honestly, I do not remember any of this taking place besides what I have been told from multiple stories. But, the only part that I do remember is,  I went to Indianapolis for rehab and I've been in many rehabilitations.

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family, look forward to learning more!

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