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TBI One Love Survivor Isaiah Bowens

At 4mths old Isaiah began to cry & fuss for no reason & I fought with doctors that something was wrong. We were dismissed several times because everything was "normal". He had his first of many seizures after 3wks of fighting with doctors. It was then we were transported to Galliano’s children's hospital & treated for influenza A along with meningitis. Isaiah was put into a medically induced coma & put on a ventilator, while they treated the infection along with fluid on his brain. We spent 3wks by Isaiah's bedside as he fought for his life. It's now almost 3yrs later. Isaiah takes medications 2x a day everyday to control his seizures.

He still shows some delays in his development and we are still fighting each day. Isaiah has had 9 therapies every week since then. VISION, OT, PT, SPEECH & SPECIAL INSTRUCTION. He began walking at 20mths old without any assistive devices and has recently began to talk!! He will be starting a special preschool program in September where he will

continue his therapies as well as learn all his social skills.

We are hoping that he will meet his TWIN brother in kindergarten! Yes, Isaiah has a twin, Preston. Preston is Isaiah's keeper & protector. I started a Facebook page for Isaiah if you're interested in a more detailed story and updates too!

Everyday is a journey and I'm proud to be his Mama!

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