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TBI One Love Survivor Jacy Good

Hello, my name is Jacy.

In 2008 as I was traveling home from my college graduation with my parents our car was hit by a semi truck swerving to miss a minivan whose 18-year-old driver ran a red light as he was distracted by a cell phone conversation. Both my parents were killed on impact and my neurosurgeon gave me about a 10% chance of surviving the night. A dozen broken bones and injured organs including a TBI put me in surgery for 9 hours that night. I survived the first critical hours and have fought to rebuild my life over the last seven years.

Today I have minor cognitive difficulties as well as almost no function in my left arm and limited function in my left leg. I spend my days educating about the known dangers of ALL cell phone use while driving and am thankfully able to live an almost entirely independent life.

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