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TBI One Love Survivor James Acker

My name is James Acker, and I'm a 29 year old resident of Florida. 

I will be celebrating my 9th anniversary post-TBI, this October!

 I suffered my traumatic brain injury from a near-fatal car crash and have no recollection of the accident, but the police report states that I hydroplaned on my way to work and wrapped my Eclipse around a telephone pole.

 I fractured every bone in my face, five cranial fractures, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and a broken jaw. They had to perform an emergency tracheostomy, wire my mouth shut, and was placed in a drug-induced coma for nearly a month. It was, and still is, a long road to recovery.

 During my recovery (6 years ago), I was hit by a train (pedestrian) while trying to find my missing younger brother. I broke several other broken bones, collapsed lung, and now have some permanent hardware and degenerative disc disease. 

I've made a remarkable recovery, since then. I'm now a proud husband and father, and I'm just a few short months away from earning my Bachelor's degree in Applied Behavioral Science. 

I also play Bass guitar for my church. I still struggle with my brain injury very much, but I am very blessed to still be here in this beautiful life. 

With my degree, I want to give back to society what was given to me: Compassion and second chance. Thanks for letting me join this helpful Family!


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