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TBI One Love Survivor Jamie Whitlock

Hello, my name is Jamie Whitlock. On February 10th, 2004, I was in a very bad car accident. According to the newspaper my back tire ran off the road in a curve and I over-corrected and struck an oak tree. I was airlifted to a Grady in Atlanta (trauma center), I stayed here for 13 days and was transferred to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

I was in a coma for 6 weeks. I had a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. I left the hospital the last day of March and from there I went to The Ronald McDonald House where I stayed from April till June 18. I went to therapy every day in Atlanta doing speech, occupational, and physical therapy.

I remember when I first got there after each therapy session I had this notebook that I would write everything we had done in like hour and I remember how it was so hard for me to remember the last hour. In June, I finally got to go home. I graduated high school and with my class.

I hope to go back to school someday soon and I want to become a physical therapist aide. Physical Therapy because that is what helped me to learn to walk again and I want to help others the way that I was helped! 

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