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TBI One Love Survivor Jana Thompson

Hello, my name is Jana. On a January morning (the 7th in 2008), I was heading to my new job as an auto retailer, I forgot my work boots (which I don't understand why) that was not like me to forget. Once I returned to the shop I continued working, around 4:30pm I got a very sharp pain in my left thumb muscle but thought nothing if it and continued working as my shift was over at six.

Once off I headed for the bus stop as that was my transportation home, before the bus arrived at the bus stop my left knee started locking up and I was hoping that I didn't fall on the bus but I manage to get on safe, once downtown I needed to switch buses to the one that went by my place, I successful transfer, now to walk home from the bus stop it was about five blocks, as I continued to walk my knee kept locking up but I managed to get home before I fell. I was inside walking up my sister's stair (as I was living with her) I got about half way and fell into her railing and banged my nose off of it, she came rushing to the top of the stairs and helped me up.

She knew the signs of a stroke and asked me to lift my arms so I did but my left was not at the same height as my right. She stated we needed to go to the hospital but we had to wait for her husband as they had a six-month-old son. He arrived home and we called a taxi cab as it would be cheaper than an ambulance, once I stubbed into the taxi my sister told him we had to hurry to the hospital as I was having a stoke.

We got to the hospital and they took my vitals, we then went to admitting and they were asking me times and stuff and I had brain fog going on, next thing I know I was takin into a room in the back, I had a tongue ring at the time and they asked my sister to take it out, she said I've never done this sorry if I pinch you. (She did lol) but that is the last thing I remember till I woke up and was thirsty.

Little did I know I was airlifted an hour and forty-five mins north of that hospital and already had brain surgery. I had to relearn how to walk and was in physio for eleven days then I was transported back to the first hospital and was there for a month and half then I continued outpatient therapy for about nine months, my daily routine consisted of stretching my muscles and massaging my tendons.

I think the most I took away from this experience was life is short and not to focus on negativity! Enjoy life and never give up!

Thank you very much for allowing me to join this helpful Family!

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