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TBI One Love Survivor Jen Swartz

Hello, my name is Jen.

Living life as an 18-year-old was quite a difficult thing for me, but I know that I had gotten accepted to Ithaca college, so that was pushing me forward. I don't recall if I was excited about going to the college to pursue a degree in the medical field, or if I was excited about going to the college since it was claimed to be the biggest party college. However, two weeks before my high school graduation, my life changed dramatically. I was in a near fatal car accident. I know that I was following a friend of mine to her then boyfriend's house, and a car T-boned me. I was air-lifted to Albany Medical Center, and was hit so hard that I was immediately in a coma. I praise God for medical advances, since I was kept alive by a tracheotomy and food tube. After a 6-week coma, I came out, yet had a long fight ahead of me. I remained in the rehabilitation hospital (Sunny view Rehabilitation Hospital) and did inpatient rehab for 6 months, and then continued outpatient treatment for 3 more months.

After my injury, my life completely changed, and I realized that I had God to thank and serve for all that He has done for me. Today, I am a 15+ year survivor, and I have so much to be thankful for. I graduated from Hudson Valley Community College with an Individual Studies degree in Science, I worked part time at a nursing home, and I even received my license back after I took a road test at Sunny view a year and a half after my accident. There is hope for each on of you... Just have faith and believe that you can get back what you are working for. Never ever give up!

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