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TBI One Love Survivor Jennifer Goodman

Hello, my name is Jennifer Goodman.

I am a 22 year TBI Survivor. I was in a 1993 cobalt, blue Corvette with a drunk driver. Was racing another Corvette, 130 mph, flipped approx. 18 times. I was thrown from the car; a truck driver had called the police as we had raced him minutes previously.

Therefore, an officer was to me in minutes, yes I was dead. My lung had been punctured. But since this officer had taken extra training he pulled out a Bic pen and punctured my trachea and started breathing for me until the ambulance got to me, where I was airlifted to UAB. I was diagnosed with punctured lung,TBI, Tracheotomy, broken ribs, both broken jaws, broke pelvis, severed radial nerve in right arm. I was in a coma for 31 days. When I woke up. I was sent to a rehab hospital where I was taught to walk, talk, and make sense again. Three months later I did it, I stumbled out of that hospital new Jennifer.

I came home to more nightmares than Comforts-Noises drove me completely insane. I didn't know how to control my anger. I was mean. I hit my kitty cat. It was all a mess. Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy started and I guess I got better. I then gave back by volunteering at the hospital that I did all this at. I though wow I am going to go to school and I did I went for three years and kept a B average.

Then after schooled, I dipped in a little Italian Cuisine, it was fun, I like to make a masterpiece. Then my daughter I did it was rough but it’s all alright now. Chugging right along wrote my story let a friend have it about my TBI-she sells books-I was on Tv due to being a contributing writer into his book-I also do a radio show The Matt Duffin Show on Sunday night- TBI Survivors.

Thank you TBI One Love!

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