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TBI One Love Survivor Jennifer Lawson

Hello, my name is Jennifer, I was on my way to work at 8:10am (2014) when I was stopped on a Hwy for a red light. There were 4 cars in front of me stopped as well (red light).  I looked in my review mirror and saw an SUV coming at me at a very high speed.  

Because I saw her coming at me this has caused a lot of PTSD, and knew I was going to get hit!  She got me going around 90km (55 mph), and I was immediately knocked out! I woke for brief times and saw a guy in a truck was at my window trying to get me out. My door did not move as it was jammed.  He had called into 911 and said they would need the JAWS of life as he could not get me out. of pass out again. He kept yelling through the window to stay wake but I would wake up and pass out.  I couldn't feel from my neck down.  I knew I was hurt bad!  Finally, the police, fire and ambulance got there.

I don't remember everything but I know they put a C collar on me and I got on the on the stretcher.  This was the beginning to a new me one to discover.  The police said she (the 25-year-old) who hit me had two little kids in the SUV and she was pregnant!! They said she was texting! 😥😡... People ... STOP using your phones when driving! Police said she was extremely lucky she didn't kill us all! 

I had to relearn many basic life skill tasks (cooking, showering, shopping talking etc.).  I sustained many physical issues to my hips, head, neck, back to which I'm still trying to get better as I'm still in rehab. My family has been through lots as well while losing the "old me" and gaining this "new me".   It is a hard and long road that I wasn't sure we would all make it but they are still supporting me. 

As a result from my TBI, I started painting for therapy and I'm quite good at it!  I'm not sure why but it comes natural to me now. (We must look for the good in things). 

Thanks for reading, and letting me join this helpful Family!

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