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TBI One Love Survivor Jennifer Nicole

My name is Jen . I’m a TBI survivor and I wanted to share a little of my story in hopes it will help another .

A few years back I survived 2 brain injuries , due to a medical malfunction and was left with no medical insurance . I was unable to walk or speak clearly and no income . After the first year of living with my mother (who was not very keen on having to take care of another person ) and after that I was left homeless . I had just regained my ability to walk and speak clearly most of the time , but still hung on to walls for balance and fumbled words or just the inability to find them pretty often .

My dog ,cat and I bounced from friends house to car to friends house until the time I became pregnant . I was told this wasn’t possible so very big surprise! I was very happy but knew I had a lot of work to do to get to a point I could completely take care of myself let alone. A child . Her father turned out to not be a good person in a good place in his life and was not in the picture .

So I began tackling one horribly difficult task after another ; grocery shopping, using atms , using the computer, cooking ,exercising etc. it felt like a constant , insurmountable , excruciating, exhausting , impossible task . All anyone could see is what I was lacking . All anyone could say was how far I had fallen as if it was by choice or from some random drug addiction instead of an unwanted debilitating disability . At one point we ended up with my mom which then added to constant verbal abusive on top of learning how to recover and be a new mom . No joke , I cried everyday . I begged God for it to stop everyday . I hated myself for not being stronger everyday . Yet this deeply engrained stubbornness refused to allow me to quit . I got very angry at times (especially with my mother who was berating someone who was giving it EVERYTHING they had on a daily basis just to struggle through the day ) and I was in a constant fight against rage, anxiety, depression , disassociation . I wanted so badly for my daughter to grow up with a better mother then That.

Someone who was happy and calm and independent . I had no clue how I was going to possibly accomplish this . Fast forward 2 years . We moved through several shelters in search of a home of our own and once we had finally found one my health was even worse then before. My thyroid was now not working, I was in adrenal insufficiency, candida flaring up all over my body heart constantly beating out of my chest , confusion, the worst brain fog and constant exhaustion . I couldn’t understand how God had taken me this far just to let me suffer and die . And I prayed a lot. I tried every natural remedy I could find as I do not trust drs or believe most of what they say . Most of it didn’t work . Some things barely worked . And one day someone messaged me on fb to tell me about a product she thought could help me .

I didn’t pay much attention to it bc I had already tried every natural product . Luckily she persisted with me anyway assuring me it would make the difference I had been waiting for and she believed God had brought me to this company bc also at the time we had 0 income (That was fun ). So eventually I listened to her and learned about the products as best I could bc my energy levels were low and my ability to comprehend was almost non existent . So we were able to get a hold of a little bit of money and I tried it . Money back guarantee so I figured what could it hurt really ? Theo products came and I didn’t touch them .

My stubbornness doesn’t always work in my favor. So she contacted me again and assured me to start and instructed me on the best way to take them so I finally caved and gave it a shot . The first week I was on it my entire life changed . I could think again , with out all the fog and confusion . I could smile again. And not a forced smile for my daughter’s sake, like I was actually experiencing joy again . I was able to stay awake for an entire day without having to sit every few minutes and naps as much as possible .

The best part I was energized but not jittery and agitated like I get with caffeine . I was able to be patient and stay calm when My daughter would lose it and go into an all out scary toddler Tasmanian devil fit . I could sleep at night . Literally all of my healing dreams and mom dreams were coming true .

My situation was a dire as I could imagine it being . I was barely keeping my head above water and refusing to let anyone help me bc I was honestly sick of the harsh words and judgements almost all of us with TBIs receive on a constant basis . But I figured if this stuff which is all natural, NO GMO, plant based , clean and highly absorbable (so no pharmaceutical gimmick to actually make you worse ) could pull me out of that hell I was living that fast what could it do for everyone else ? How can I help as many people as possible feel this kind of relief? Which brought me a very scary thought . I would probably have to start sharing my story . For reasons I did not mention here , I had become very good at staying invisible and closing out the world .

Sharing my story is a terrifying to me . But I have thanks to this new me I have been able to reach out to old friends, reconnect with people I care about and feel like life is worth living again . And I just can’t keep that all to myself .

So I hope this story reaches all those people who needed to hear it and we’re praying for a way out of whatever darkness you can’t get out of . I really hope you take the chance I took and it changed your life in ways you had only dreamed of. And please be brave enough to talk to me . I will help you in any way that I can bc I really believe we all serve the chance to heal!

Thank you TBI One Love for the opportunity.

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