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TBI One Love Survivor Jesse Sewell

Hello, my name is Jesse Sewell. I sustained my TBI on Nov 1st in 2015, when I was on my girlfriend and I's 10 anniversary!

At the time, we were drinking at the hut downtown, I was not the most faithful person to my girlfriend and unfortunately, I got caught her kissing somebody else, so I left the bar and walked back to my truck.

I did not know that, when I was walking back that I was on some train tracks, and I saw one train directly in front of me. The second I noticed this, I moved to the other side of the tracks, but that placed me directly where cars can be crossing over the tracks.

I kept hearing horns, so I though all that it was the train that I moved away from that was in front of me, but I didn't see that there was also a train coming behind me. I got hit by the rain right in the back of the head, which was going 40 mph!

Thank you, for letting me join this family and share my story!

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