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TBI One Love Survivor Jo Matranga

Hello, my name is Jo.

On October 16th in 2013, I fell off the roof of my house just outside Washington, D.C.  in Front Royal, VA. 

I was airlifted into Winchester Medical Center until I was transferred to the National Rehab Center from being comatose for 6 weeks. My sister, who is an editor at the LA Time, was wheel chairing me around the Hospital. What a shock!! She is a very busy person and there she was in D.C. walking me around, plus a stomach tube was put in.  That's not even a cool scar, I have no appetite now. 

After released I went back home to California and did "therapy" at Centre for Neuro skills (CNS). I am an introvert and got stuck with tons of people, but Now it is time to go back to work!  I was evaluated by the Dept. of Rehab California for a museum job. 

After a year of trying, nothing has been available. Since LA so busy that my oldest brother who works at the Idaho National Laboratory, told me to come and be with him in Idaho Falls.  From my injury, I move slower than I had could because I fell on my left side, which is still very weak but gaining strength.  Slower than I had been but speed will increase with time.

My sight and hearing a fine, there are no problems with them luckily and amazing that my Family did not given me much information about being asleep for 6 weeks!

Survivors, do not ever give up! We can do it!

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