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TBI One Love Survivor John Mills

Hi, my name is John Mills - I am a road racer that suffered a traumatic brain injury in a racing incident at Mid-Ohio in June of 2008. I am on a journey to redefine my life!

My TBI has forced me to look at life different. I now desire to help the TBI community. I motivate and inspire those dealing with TBI by speaking at organized events. I'm able to reestablish their self-confidence and give them hope.

But I'm a racer. How will I utilize that to benefit the TBI community? By racing in a professional series that tours the country I can reach out and touch many more people!

My goal now is to do this by competing in the SCCA's Trans-Am series and speaking at each venue that we race in.

I have the talent and I have the fan I have a job to do. Join me in my Trans-Am debut!

To learn more about my organization and me, please visit: and

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