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TBI One Love Survivor Jose Rodriguez

Hello, my name is Wendie Cheng and I will never forget when our family completely changed on March 15th 2018

My Husband Jose has always supported our family.  When it comes to home remodeling and rehabilitation, Jose is one of the best.  The skill he has is amazing.  The way I take a plain cake and turn it into something beautiful, he would do the same to a house.  We loved working as a team when we could.  We had planned to relocate to Florida from Ohio.  Jose came here to start working and was going to get a home for us.  We've been together for 14 years and are not legally married, which has made this situation even more difficult. Although, he has asked me to marry him once again, we cannot do anything about it until he is able to leave the hospital.  

I was in Ohio since Jose had gone down to Florida and was staying with a family member, followed by then at the homeless shelter in Orlando after having a falling out with his stepdad.  Jose was working and trying to get a place for us then one day while he was riding a pedal bicycle on South Orange Blossom Trail, a car doing a U-turn onto a side street struck him and sent him flying!

After getting the call, I immediately flew to Orlando as soon as I could to be with him.  I haven't left his side since March 15.  Soon after his first surgery, he got an infection!

 I had to harass the doctors to keep checking him because I felt something wasn't right with him, even though they kept telling me it was all okay.  Turns out he had a bacterial infection on his brain and they could get the right antibiotic to treat it.  

I'm scared to even think of what may have happened if I had not been here for him. 

Thank you for your time, prayers and positive thoughts.  We need all we can get right now.  

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