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TBI One Love Survivor Josh Pinson

Hello, my name is Josh Pinson. On March 12th, 2010, I had a severe TBI accident on a 4wheeler at deer camp.

I have recovered very well. I see different side effects of it every day and my short-term memory is not so good.

I could somehow get my license in June of 2010. I just turned 16 after the brain injury. It surprises me every day how I recovered from such a traumatic injury so fast, but at the same time it affects me strongly on certain things. I was able to get my GED, I tried college. I was never really a school guy before the injury so after the TBI I was like what the hell am I doing here.

I found my ways to cope with the injury and recover the way I did had a lot to do with my friends and family. My parents, God bless them, let me go back to life like it never happened. I just had rules. No fighting wrestling football partying etc. I still participated in things but my friends always looked out for me. They were to me my biggest help to recovery.

My parents have always been there for me as well and I couldn't have gotten any better without them. I'm 23 years old now I was always able to find jobs and work even with the injury. Side effects I realize every day at work are just, when things change or when we have different work to do it’s kind of like a curve ball to me. It seems like it takes me a little while longer to adapt and function to the change in the workday. Keep in mind I'm always up for a new challenge or task. I started with this company 3 years ago and have brought myself to a pretty good position so far. I live every day with a Traumatic Brain Injury, and If I could go back and never have got onto that 4wheeler and wrecked I would. I face different side effects at different times between mood swings, short term memory loss, vertigo, there's been times where I felt like I was stupid, I didn't fit in, I felt like everyone could see my brain injury. I'll be in a conversation with people and lose train of thought and have to be reminded what we were talking about. If anyone reads this and themselves or a family member, friend, coworker has had a TBI. Be ready for a long line of recovery. TBIs will last them their entire life. You'll realize differences in them and they may even realize it themselves. But just know after a TBI. You'll never be who you were before. Not saying a TBI makes you a bad person at all. But depending on the area they injured, some things can be said and done that they wouldn't have said or did before. Anyone reading this, hope you or the person with the injury the absolute best and always remember to just continue life. You should never let a TBI stop you or slow you down from anything. Surround yourself with good people. Good friends and family that want to do nothing but help you!!!

Thanks for letting me join this helpful Family!

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