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TBI One Love Survivor Joshua DeArman

Hello, my name is Joshua.

I had a mountain bike accident last year in 2015 where I broke my neck, jaw, back, collarbone and got my TBI. I was in a coma and had mini-strokes while in the coma! I was life-flighted out of the trail at midnight, the accident happened at 6pm, the helicopter couldn't find us in the thick forest until midnight.

I lost all movement in my legs, almost like being paralyzed except they still had feelings, just couldn't connect my brain to them. I had a super short memory, less than 5 minutes and it was gone, I fought all year to get back on the bike and back to normal life though!

 I'm now back on the bike, but my life not ever got back to normal, my mind works totally different now and I'm still learning to cope with it honestly. I know it's the TBI speaking, but I know everyone's tired of hearing "TBI this, TBI that," not my parents or loved ones obviously, but everyone else around me.

Just seeking others now who are dealing with it also as someone who hasn't really gone through it can't help much as they don't know the difference it makes in your life!

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