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TBI One Love Survivor Judy Altizer

Hello, my name is Judy.

I was coming home from college to be with my family on Thanksgiving day 2013. What I have been told is some construction truck accidentally dropped a little loose gravel, I hit it and overcorrected. There was a man, I didn't know, behind me on this road that saw everything that happened. He said to my parents that I hit the gravel, over corrected, went about 55 yards before hitting the ground and rolling twice. I was thrown from the car on the second roll. God Bless this man, called EMT with the unknown, he went to my car found my cell phone called my parents to let them know, then waited till the ambulance arrived. My family has not been able to contact this man but they are very pleased. I was in a coma on scene I was taken to the local hospital then mediflighted to the city.  Even though I was in a coma on scene after three days they medically induced me in order to do all of my surgeries. I had 28 broken bones; right femur, left tibia and fibula. clavicle, pelvis, 4 ribs, 17 vertebras.

They had to do 8 surgeries but I'm ok with that. I woke up on Christmas eve, my parents were very surprised, the doctors had told them to expect 6 months to a year at least! 28 days later I was awake. A week later I went to a rehab hospital where I began relearning how to talk, eat, basically function. I was non-weight baring when I came, January 22, home due to surgeries on both legs but in March I was released. I had began doing all the therapies and after about a month I was released from speech therapy. But due to all my injuries I was told j would be in physical therapy at least a year, that I would have to be pushed across the stage at my college graduation in may. After numerous sessions of physical therapy. I was up and walking, graduated from physical therapy on Friday, walked across the stage Saturday.

I take each day as a new challenge and take nothing for granted. In a blink of an eye it can be, but I'm not and still here to be myself which I am proud of.

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