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TBI One Love Survivor Judy Godsey

Hello, my name is Judy.  On March 2, 2001, I suffered a moderate to severe TBI. I don't know how to explain my near-perfect recovery. 

I was t-boned by another car, as I was turning left 100 yards from my house. Fire Fighters used the Jaws of Life to remove me from the wreckage. I was unconscious, with head wounds, and my pelvis was broken in three places.  Doctors did not think I would survive the night. They told my husband that if I survived, I probably would need constant care...that caring for my three kids (ages 4, 6, and 9) would not be possible. I was in a coma for a week...Glasgow Coma Scale of 8. I spent six weeks in the hospital, bounced around from ICU, Acute Care, and a rehabilitation hospital. My parents and my mother-in-law moved in to care for me and my family. After being released, I completed six weeks in out-patient rehab.  I did not use the left side of my body for a month. I still have minor issues with my left side. I had to re-learn how to swallow, talk, and walk. I was teaching English at a local university when I had my accident. I returned to teaching a year and a half later. I have no cognitive or memory issues and no headaches. I have minor issues with my gait, my speech, fine-motor skills, anxiety, and my balance. I thank God for His gift of overwhelming support during my recovery. Now fitness is my obsession. I began working out with a trainer 11 months after my accident. I continue to see a trainer twice a week. But I go to the gym every day. I believe in the brain/body connection.  Thank you, for letting me join this helpful Family! Please follow my journey in my InstaBlog at (judy0379).


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