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TBI One Love Survivor Kabelo Madilola

Hello, my name is Kabelo Madilola.

I will never forget how my life changed on the 17th of September in 2016. 

What happened is, I was as a passenger in a car, had my seat belt on and the car lost control and throwing out the driver!

Luckily, because my safety belt, I was left inside as it rolled. But even though I had my seatbelt, I would like to be fine and continue normal daily task as a Civil Engineer supervisor. Yet, my life has forever changed due to my head injury.

Because it has lead me to be doing nothing!

 I would like to be active instead of just having small plans, but do thing's which are simple during the first stage. As of now, my arms are hurt, I can't lift them straight up above my head /physician. Each time I view my scar as my hair grows fast my heart becomes sore, because it immediately makes me become very sad! Since it's a reminder that I'm hurt. 

Please ANY support will help me life more productively and positively. Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family. Look forward to gaining more support.

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