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TBI One Love Survivor Kacey Knight

Hello my name is Kacey.

My accident happened when I was 20 six years old when I was driver on the morning of May 25th 2010 around 8:58am, when the 911 call was made. My friend Dancy called 911, telling them that I wasn't responding. My mom was called to the scene it was only 3 quarters of a mile from my house. The Explorer that hit me used my Lancer as a ramp crushing my car and the girl in the Explorer got air born off my car!

 I was cut out of my car, I had a severed artery on my left arm. Luckily I was able to hang on while they cut me out. I believe it wasn't bleeding, so bad then was cause my arm was pinned against me and the driver’s door. Once the door was cut off they were not sure if I'd make it to the ambulance!

I made it to the ambulance, was driven about 6 miles to the high school where life saver picked me up. I went into cardiac arrest when they were loading me on the helicopter and it was shut down, but the EMT did CPR on me and I started breathing again!

I was air lifted 50 miles to UAB in Birmingham where I was in a medically induced coma for 10 days, but I never came too till around 25 days. I had 8 surgeries and I was also on life support for ten days on the tenth day they took me to surgery and gave me a trachea.

Later on I went into rehab at Spain rehabilitation where I learned to walk, dress myself, swallow. I am doing so much better!!

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