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TBI One Love Survivor Kaitlin Mallary

Hello, my name is Kaitlin Mallary. On November 22nd in 2013, my daughter, her father and I were all in a very bad vehicle accident! From this accident, he was pronounced dead at the scene, our daughter by the grace of God was un harmed, and I was air lifted to shock trauma.

I arrived with a gcs of 3, multiple contusions, subdural hematoma of my entire brain, shattered pelvis, broken ribs and injuries to my spleen and spine (the doctors told my parents to prepare my funeral plans). After several weeks in my coma I was, transferred to a rehabilitation facility for several additional weeks where I had extensive occupational speech and physical therapy.

Once I was discharged, I had to be in home care and was wheelchair-bound for several weeks because of my ex fix due to my shattered pelvis, I have been working steadily at rehabilitating ever since. Though I am no longer in the hospital for the past 3 1/2 years, I've had numerous appointments with doctor's neurologist hand specialist, psychiatrists Etc.

Every day since I left the hospital I have been working on doing my best to get better! I do not know what tomorrow will bring but each day is a blessing and a gift!

My story is continuing as I am still working just as hard as the day I was in the hospital! This experience has been difficult to say the least, but when I hear people tell me the story and see pictures i am reminded how blessed I truly am to be alive.

I hope that was helpful, thank you again so much, for letting me join this supportive Family!

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