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TBI One Love Survivor Karlien Roets

Hello TBI One Love community, we are the Roet’s family from South Africa.

Our survivor is our daughter: Karlien. She was 2 at the time when she sustained a traumatic brain injury after freak accident at home in Aug 2018.

Karlien had several brain injuries she also got a shunt. Unfortunately after 10 days of the accident Karlien had two seizures and a vein bursted her brain! After about 6 months in ICU she was discharged to home on 16 Jan 2019.

Due to the TBI Karlien is on a ventilator 24 hours but if we look back 2 years we are grateful for the progress she has made so far. She is a real fighter and our little warrior girl!

God has definitely a big plan instore for her and we trust His plan as we always ask for guidance on this journey.

We appreciate the opportunity to join this community, learn from others, understand we are not alone, and help educate individuals about this silent epidemic.

Thank you TBI One Love!


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