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TBI One Love Survivor Kay Weir

Hello, my name is Kay Weir. 

It was August of 2005; I was seventeen at the time, with a crazy but exciting lifestyle. I had just been the maid of honor in my sister's wedding. I was in the best shape of my life-literally. I was working out with my varsity volleyball teammates as well as training for a Junior Olympics volleyball tournament that was to take place in Italy. It was the day of August 20th; I had just got done playing in a huge volleyball tournament. Several of us on the team were dressed up and in route to a Dukes of Hazard party.

As I was driving through an intersection someone ran a red light and T-boned me and at that moment my life changed forever. I was knocked unconscious as my head hit the side of the window and my pelvis was broken in two. I was fortunate that there was a paramedic at the scene almost instantly and I was CareFlighted to JPS hospital where I remained in a coma for 10 days. The doctor's told my parents that I was paralyzed and may only have the cognition of a 2-year-old. I was in acute care in ICU for 3 weeks then was transported to a rehab hospital where I not only had to learn the basics of how to walk, talk, swallow, etc., but I also had to do that with short-term memory problems. I couldn't keep in my mind what people made up my family and how to do simple things like using a telephone, writing my name, remembering to eat or what I had just had to eat.

I spent the next year in outpatient rehab not only working to get better but also to finish up high school. Even though I only physically spent 3 weeks at school I was able to graduate with my class of 2006 by doing home school and receiving special help from countless people. The first year may have been the most critical time for my family and me but it was nothing compared to what I would be facing in the next several years. 

As I became more aware of what really did happen to me I had many more battles to fight:  knowing that I would never be the same; dealing with lack of memory; and the frustrations of not having friends around me like I had had in high school. My friends had all gone off to college, which I was supposed to do; my support system had left me. My family and my church was what was getting me through. Even though I have always been extremely grateful and blessed to still be here I had to deal with months and months of anger, depression, and anxiety to the point that it physically made me ill.

Trial medications were an ongoing thing during the past 3 years. Various doctors could not agree on what would be the best help for me. The pain and many angry and depressed feelings have pretty much subsided. I would not be here today if it weren't for the thousands and thousands of prayers to which I am truly grateful. My accident happened on a Saturday night and I was told that during the next day’s church service our pastor invited the entire congregation to get on their knees and pray for me.

The church has kept up their commitment to stand by me for all these years. During much of my recovery I did not even know who I was and acted way different from what my church family was used to, but they continued to love me unconditionally. They did not let me give up. People often try to find an answer for bad things, such as, “He chose you because you were strong” or “He needed to use your life to speak a truth” But, bad things do happen and He would never want for me to be hurt. He cried when that car hit me just as everyone else did.

It's like a quote from the book called Just Enough Light for the Step I'm on that says, "We stand to learn the most about God in situations we understand the least." And that's kind of the way it has been for my family and me, just having enough of God’s light for each day.  

In 2009, I met the man of my dreams, my husband Dustin, and we now have one daughter and another baby on the way! I am so very blessed. We own a chiropractic office in Carrollton Texas called Weir Family Chiropractic!

Thank you for letting me join this supportive Family! 

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