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TBI One Love Survivor Keith Carter

Hello, my name is Keith Carter.

I'll own what my illnesses did to me and must daily in isolation, after years of being alone and used as a human lab rat after being set up by doctors to harm my family or myself taking place in the spring of 2012. I still need help to get medical treatment. I'm not saying Ben Carson had anything to do with what was done to me but living in the same small town did cause his security to watch me.

I did grow pot that did help with the PTSD until I noticed I was under investigation and stopped. the DEA or Maryland state police interfered with me being able to get an MRI in 2014, having doctor Young remove the diagnoses of PTSD. The medication I only agreed to take due to seizers caused me to rage out and act out even more. every I have the same diagnoses as the guy who shot the American sniper from the movie with a brain infection. 

The gray spot is my hippocampus (the PTSD button) it's being crushed. I had flashbacks daily and age regressed during them down to as young as age 4 and ever age in-between. I was molested at 13. This was the most often flashbacks back. As it progressed I was having up to 4 flashbacks at once. Like being molested, my father beat my mother, my step father dying, and me being beaten all at once. I have been isolated from this illness because of the behaviors it caused.

I lost my memory 3 times once almost completely. I woke up and looked in the mirror and didn't know how I was looking at. I couldn't count to 6 to make coffee. I used a larger scoop because I could count to 3. I've seen hell and doctors abused me still and have not treated the infection in my sinuses. At surgery, I was told 32ozs of fluid was in my head. But I don't know I have gotten 2 copies of my MRI but neither will open on my computer and they should have the program need to open them on the disks. I no longer believe the doctors are being honest with me and are making me out to be lying and saying it was worse than it was to cover up each other's mistakes.

White's fluid it's only 6-8 Oz’s in this MRI from early after being diagnosed. The gray spot is the PTSD button. It's what made my PTSD 10 -100 times worse than normal PTSD. In the second image the white is fluid the black crushed brain tissue outside somewhat normal. They caused me to be unable to leave my house. I would get in the shower and freeze meaning become unable to move for so long the hot water ran out completely and it too late to go to a meeting. Not wanting to be around addicts and drug dealers left me so isolated. The flashbacks kept getting worse as the infection kept progressing quickly the pressure in my brain kept climbing causing more and more damage.

Everyone did little things some seem innocent enough but when you line it up and connect the dots between each event it's why I'm about to die from an easily treatable condition. If only 1%of the population (200,000 people) has this condition that destroyed my life and had me put in mental wards instead of getting real medical treatment that could have prevented it all. Instead of preventing me from learning and progressing in life I regressed cognitively and could have an adult life or learn to be independent until now. But the infection is still processing and I'm septic. I'm too afraid of more medical mistakes and cover ups. To get treatment I'm only 40 and this is my first chance to have a life and the abuses have me unable to get help.

There's more details to the medical abuses and the mental games played on me by doctors. I have lots of medical records. the images of the hole in my brain are from 2014, MRI the brain 2016 and I can't get a lawyer to take my case for the civil rights that have been abused. sorry this is going to be choppy but it’s different cut and paste. I need help putting it in the correct order.

they disregarded the reports from the chest x-ray that said it wasn't in in my chest at northwest hospital. refused to look at the infection I said I had and when I requested an MRI they twisted my words and lied because I was afraid of being homeless like this about the homeless New Mexico guy the police shot dead served me with a restraining order hand written not the normal on to prevent me getting that MRI Dr. Young wrote a script for.

I wouldn't have the CT scan if I hadn't told them a new something was wrong. plus, you can put the responsibility of not doing their jobs on the guy with 2 neurological illnesses that could have been easily treated if they would have done what the x-ray report and blood test showed at that point. 8 hospitals Emma I went to 8 different hospitals and was completely cognitively disabled by the time they did surgery. to told every doctor I could about it until I couldn't because of it.

my civil rights have been completely disregarded.  early on I went to a maniacal surgeon with my mom and Jamie hill he said it was beyond his ability to treat. I needed to go to the university of Maryland for treatment so I did twice. they refused to do any testing but did try to trigger my PTSD twice and put me in for more mental health evaluations. I was either under treated or not treated each time. there a lot to this story that crosses political lines and medical civil rights as well as the abuse of a vulnerable adult. After all this I am unable to hire a lawyer in Maryland either for the medical abuses or civil rights violations, by federal law they must rule out neurological illness before labeling mental illness.

yes, my actions became impulsive and will be opening myself up to legal repercussions and I'm fine with that I know the power of the government agencies involved and I’m only one small person. please understand everyone in every hospital for mental healthcare is having their civil rights violated every day. I need treatment or I will never be able to recover. I need honest doctors to treat me and to be given a fair chance for the first time in my life ay 41.

Maryland disability law center wouldn't help me it 2014. only after I have gotten my medical records did they even call back.    

Thank you TBI One Love for this community!

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