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TBI One Love Survivor Kevin Orlando Lau

My name is Kevin Orlando Lau. Also, known as Rainbow Artist Orlando L. in the art community. I was born and raised in Hong Kong China as a Chinese. I had my brain injury back in 1996 when I was age 24. My injury was caused by severe poisoning.

The result of the intensive medical emergency is a near death experience and a devastating invisible disability. Life was not easy for the longest time and it took me a while to become who I am today. After 16 years of fighting with my invisible disability, I finally transformed myself into a new artist in 2012. I never knew I could paint at all! In April 2012, I suddenly started watercolor painting during a 16-week neurofeedback brain treatment. Since then, art has been very healing for me and for my spiritual growth. My life has changed completely to a whole new positive direction.

The journey I had wasn't easy but it taught me Strength is not about muscle or "perfect" brain, strength and inner peace came from within. In the end, some of the greatest pain became the greatest strength. Have faith in your dreams and go for it, the rest will follow and unfold itself as you go on.

My life is better because I got the chance to know my true self so much deeper and to live a brand-new life with more kindness and compassion to myself and to others. I can appreciate everything in this universe in a whole new light. I have learned to see good in the bad and to see beauty in everything. I have learned how not to take life and ordinary things for granted. I feel more connected with nature and all lives in creation. Having the time and opportunity to learn who I am as a soul is truly the greatest gift of my injury. It makes all my life changes worthwhile.

I would like to teach people what brain-injury survivors can achieve and to let other survivors be proud, be inspired, and get motivated to excel and reach their potential. I guess I wish I could do something to give other survivors hope and fuel their inner fire for continuing bravely to conquer their battle. I believe ALL survivors and people with disability are warriors! We are still capable of doing great things for ourselves and the world. People with disability are not lesser or weaker – we are simply more unique and special! We are strong souls and great teachers.

My advice is to be kind to yourself and to stop comparing the post-injury you to the pre-injury you because you will never be that person again. Release the idea, and let it go. Instead, start loving, accepting, and embracing the “new” you like you have a brand-new life in the same body. Relearn your boundaries, abilities, and potential. You are perfect the way you are now. Be open and receptive to all kinds of alternative non-medical healing-methods because they are excellent tools to help you and your new life. Neurofeedback is the best thing that happened to me. It completely flipped my life upside-down for the better.

I am eternally grateful for that. You might want to do your own research on that. Always have faith in yourself and in your capability. Your body’s ability to heal itself is far greater than anyone has permitted you to believe. Your soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. Meditation can help with quieting it. 

Art has been very healing for me. If you have never tried art or using creativity as a form of home-based therapy, I highly encourage you to try it now! You don’t need to know how or to be good at it. You just need to do it. Let it be a fun game for your inner child to play! The point is to allow yourself to express and release “something” that needs to be out of your system – that needs to set you free! I gained a lot of self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence since I started painting. Nothing is impossible!

Miracles happen to those who believe. Faith is the key to a universe full of blessings. You are way STRONGER than you can imagine. That’s why you have this life. Truly FORGIVE yourself for your disability or injury. Blame will not bring you any healing – only unconditional love and inner peace will. Be the biggest supporter of yourself.

You deserve it. Take good care of yourself. You are good enough. Love, Light, and Strength to you all.

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