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TBI One Love Survivor Kim Justus

Hello, my name is  Kim Justus.

In 1995 I suffered a first misdiagnosed, ruptured Brain Aneurysm and nearly died. Because I “looked normal” eventually, it was assumed by everyone that I was “fixed.” It took me 17yrs, writing a book and becoming a radio host to meet my first other survivors.

With God’s grace I found many beacons on what at first seemed like a very dark path. I had to give up my 27yr job as a financial consultant, after going back trying to “fake it till I made it” .. It was a miserable decade, and finally I lost it and folded. I had no experience being an author, but God led me to writing a book about what he revealed. I had no experience being a photographer, but I had a huge exhibition at the large Botanical Garden attraction in town, and finally, I had no experience with radio ... Five years ago, I didn’t know Skype or Internet Radio existed …And now I’m an International radio host! If you are open to miracles, you’ll see them and know God is working in your life.


TBI One Love

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