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TBI One Love Survivor Kim Justus

Hello, my name is  Kim Justus.

In 1995 I suffered a first misdiagnosed, ruptured Brain Aneurysm and nearly died. Because I “looked normal” eventually, it was assumed by everyone that I was “fixed.” It took me 17yrs, writing a book and becoming a radio host to meet my first other survivors.

With God’s grace I found many beacons on what at first seemed like a very dark path. I had to give up my 27yr job as a financial consultant, after going back trying to “fake it till I made it” .. It was a miserable decade, and finally I lost it and folded. I had no experience being an author, but God led me to writing a book about what he revealed. I had no experience being a photographer, but I had a huge exhibition at the large Botanical Garden attraction in town, and finally, I had no experience with radio ... Five years ago, I didn’t know Skype or Internet Radio existed …And now I’m an International radio host! If you are open to miracles, you’ll see them and know God is working in your life.

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