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TBI One Love Survivor Kris Camp

Hello my name is Dana, and my son is Kris.

His accident being 12/24/2011 he was living in Kentucky at that time with his older brother.

I got a call about 9:30 that morning from my oldest son, he told me Kris was in an accident I asked him how bad was it and do I need to come home (we are from that area) he said he didn't know and would call me back but I could tell by the sound of his voice it was not good he just didn't want to be the one to tell me. We had just had Christmas with my grandson Kris's son and I was making breakfast... I sat down on the kitchen floor I felt like I was going to pass out. 

My sister called not long after and told me she was on her way to get me my 12-year daughter helped me pack and I sent her to her farther sand lil Kris went home to his mother

We drove almost faster than the law would allow! When I got there and walked in the room I hit my knees I knew we needed help I could not recognize my son. He was hit by a drunk driver coming home from work after car hit him another car hit him because he was thrown over the first car. He was DOA thank God there where people there to start CPR, the doctors came in to talk to me and papers in their hands for some reason that's all I could think about at that time was the papers.

He was on life support and in a coma, the IV contained no pain meds because he would not wake up and they did not think he ever would. I was asked to sign the papers to take him off life support the next morning and to call our family to come say their goodbyes, I signed and called everyone the next morning they let me stay with him alone for a bit while I prayed then they came in and life support was off! His breath was labored for a long time but slowed down everyone else had left they could not watch him die! I stayed my son was to tuff to go out this way and I believed Jesus was in that room with us, I prayed so hard for him to give him back to me I did not care what condition he was in.

The doctors told me he would not live yet 24 hours later he was still breathing. The next day they came back and decided we needed to put in a feeding tube and a trake. He was still not responding to anything and it had been day 4 this went on for about 6 days I was trying to move his arms and legs every hour it was about 3am I was moving his right leg and he flinched a lil bit! I got the nurse she called the doctor and they took him to have it X-rayed he had a broken fibula? To me I took that as a sign something was working in that brain they did not.

Day 14: I was so tired and a bit grumpy, they were doing pain stimulation trying to get a response they were never able, there was one nurse! We had a personality conflict I guess she kept calling him Christopher I told her to stop and his names was just Kris her response would you like to try .... by this time, I just wanted to pick him up and take him home. I got closer to him and with a very stern voice I said (Kris I drove here 2 weeks ago broke every speed limit there was and slept in this very uncomfortable chair for two weeks the least you could do is stick out you tough and he just a little bit.

The nurse could not believe it she called for the doctor when he came in they asked me to do it again and Kris responded! They took him for most test came back and said that was probably has good as it was going to get, I respectfully told them I was going with the higher doctor and when could I take him home. He opened his eyes 3 days later his left optical nerve was damaged and his eye was floating a patch was put on that eye until they could figure out what to do. Week 3 they were restraining him to the bed he could not walk but he just wanted out he only knew who I was and wasn't sure who he was and could not remember how he got there. The doctors where amazed he was moved out of ICU

It was one month and 4 days after they told me he would not live they told me he would not be able to walk or feed himself and someone would always have to take care of him I just said ok when can we leave. They did start therapy he could walk with a walker a short distance still hand eye coordination would not allow him to feed himself he needed total care. I got him home in march we spent a lot of time with my 12-year-old daughter and I, we went to parks where the grass was soft if he fell I bout and x box and games to work on hand and eye, put him in a yoga class, no he did not want to but it helped.

He refused to use the walker so I would get on one side and his sister on the other and cowboy boots seemed to work best and that's how we would go to church, grocery and anywhere else I was not going to stop pushing. He kept asking me why did God let me live?

I put him in karate music lessons. He walks on his own now and can feed himself but will not eat around other people he does not know. It was not easy after I got him home he had anger issues we did not have a door in the house that he had not kicked in, I had to hide knives and anything that he could hurt himself with. He hit me on many occasions but I got what I prayed for. He may always be on disability he is trying to get a part time job with the help of occupational therapy.

He married the girl he was dating before the accident he still calls me for almost everything, he does crazy things that we just laugh about he hung a toilet paper holder in the kitchen so he did not have to walk on there for tissue paper to wipe the kids noise.

He has no filter he will say things most people would like to say but don’t, he still cannot run and when he talks most people thinks he is drunk so he tries not to go places alone.

There is part of my son that is gone but I thank God every day he let him live!!!

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