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TBI One Love Survivor Kristal Humphreys

My name is Kristal Humphreys, I suffered from a TBI due to a MVA in 12/2007!  I gave my therapy 110% as every survivor should do. Yes, I called it the torture zone due to the inflicted pain that was caused only because I wanted to regain 100%!  No, I'm not 100% physically, but I not only surprised myself with what I was able to regain. I also impressed, and proved all the many doctors wrong!

 I'm not a vegetable, I'm driving, thinking, talking most importantly walking!! Yes, I'm limping when I'm pimping, but my limp now gives me a unique swag!! All glory is given to our almighty healer. We serve an amazing God, who needs us to be this way to complete his work. U got to give therapy all u got!! The results will keep you very proud of yourself and others as well. Don't worry about how hard u get hit, it's your ability to keep moving on up after u get hit!!  My life has been changed dramatically. I went from being miss popular model, and beauty pageant queen which I'm currently still going through the acceptance stage. In my opinion, this is the most important stage u will go through. Yes, we will have good days and bad, but focus glory to our awesome healing God who deserves all of it. We will never be who we once were, but the people we are now outweighs who we were before!! I now focus my EXTRA time on my only son and all his many friends. I'm now a very close momma to him and all his many friends. Just remember how far God allowed u to come when those awful bad days’ creep in on u.  Staying positive is the most important thing u can portray. I know it's difficult, but look at how far you have come. That will pick up your spirits. Try your best to stay away from the negative people.


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