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TBI One Love Survivor Kristy Barkley

Hello, my name is Kristy Barkley and I am a traumatic brain injury survivor, sustained from multiple concussions. In 2008 I lost what I felt was everything important to me. I had to retire from my amazing job in the NHL and give up my dream of getting my PhD.👩‍🏫 My migraines had me in bed at least 4 days a week.😔 My PMS was so bad that I asked for a divorce every month, and I am not exaggerating, it took reading my own journal to realize what was happening. The anxiety that came with forgetting almost everything and everyone that wasn’t around me on a daily basis was horrific. I often got lost going to simple places, like my parent’s house.

So I stopped going anywhere alone, except the grocery store that was about a mile down the road.💔 The social anxiety I had was paralyzing, I couldn’t keep up with conversations if more than 1 person was involved, I often forgot my friends names or significant things about them, I wasn’t able to respond in a timely manner to any questions, so I just stopped doing anything social at all. At times, I didn’t know my left shoe from my right. My depression spiraled out of control, most days I didn’t want to live anymore. I had 7 doctors and 9 prescription medications, it just became a game of managing Kristy for my family, most friends had given up on me.💊 

I was taking 12-20 ibuprofen a day just to get out of bed (approved by my doctors because it seemed as if I would die from my brain injury long before I would of liver failure). In April of 2015 my doctors planned to start me on Early Onset Dementia medicine. I was 42 years old. They said they didn’t think I would recognize my son when he graduated from high school in 2016. They said I would be in assisted living by 2018. They said the memories I had lost would never return, and at the time I believed them, because while looking at pictures with my loved ones, I had no recollection of the events depicted. They said I would never be able to get my heart rate above 120 because it would cause a flair up in my brain, make me faint and unable to see well.

💃In April of 2015, everything changed. I had my first pink drink and supplements. Within a couple of days, the headache I’d had for the past 7 years, went away. Within a couple of weeks my migraines ended. Within a month my PMS was better (within 3 months it was gone). Within a couple of months I was off 7 of the 9 prescription medicines.

All of this happened while using the pink drink and 3 supplements. Within a month of adding the omega, my short-term memory recall was much better and within 3 months I was recalling🙋‍♀️long term memories that I believed were gone forever. Month after month my depression eased up. Today I show no signs of depression. The anxiety eased up after a couple of months but within 6 months I felt no anxiety at all and was able to take a long 7 day road trip with my son.

💪🙏💝I now have only my pcp, and she is amazed that there are currently no signs of me having a traumatic brain injury. Recently we moved to Ft Lauderdale from Nashville. Because my husband was working in FL the whole time, I handled the house remodel, sell of the house and entire move on my own. Which is not something I could have dreamed of doing a couple of years ago. I exercise everyday for at least 60 minutes and am training for a triathlon. I also lead an amazing Plexus team and I am able to contribute again financially to my family, 10 years after my doctors “retired” me forever.

🏋️‍♀️💥To say my pink drink and gut supplements have changed my life is an understatement. They have given me a life that no one dreamed possible after my injury.

I am living proof that gut health can change everything, thank you for letting me join this helpful Family!

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