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TBI One Love Survivor Kyle Pszenny

Hello, my name is Kyle Pszeny. On June 7th, 2015 when I was a sixteen year old, I obtained my TBI. 

I was struck by an intoxicated driver, went through the windshield of the man's car, bent the frame with my head and neck and left in the road! I was then rushed to the hospital where Dr. Sugarman put a PV shunt.

To relieve my Brain from pressure, they took half of my skull and replaced it with a prosthetic piece.

There is a pressure valve that opens up if my brain fluid builds up and it leaks the fluid into my stomach this is a natural process in everyone else, but my body stopped that process. I was in coma for six months. I still have asphalt from the road in my arm and pieces of glass in my forehead, the Dr. Says let them work their way out don't force them that causes scarring.

To view a video that was made by a foundation, please visit:

That's why there are Kyle strong 7 t shirts everywhere, thank you for letting me join this helpful Family! 

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