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TBI One Love Survivor Kyle Rayburn

My name is Kyle Rayburn, on June 14th, 2016 I was in a serious car accident reporting me DOA (Dead on Arrival) when they arrived.

They had to cut me out of the vehicle and have me life lined to the hospital. With no hope, they told my parents that IF I wake up from the coma, I will only have a 2% chance of doing anything. I was in the coma for 26 days and in the hospital, all together for 59 days.

That was the summer that'll never be forgotten by me or my family. I didn't get to walk out of the rehab center as I was still in a wheel chair. 2 weeks later after I left the rehab center I got the courage to walk.

Guess what? I'm playing sports and other things as such, jogging, running, making every doctor see, if they didn't believe, that My/Our God is not dead. They gave me a 2% chance but God gave me a second chance!

Praise the lord!

Thank you TBI One Love for this family!

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